Friday, 24 May 2013

How much is too much???

This era of information overflow magnanimously provides all the necessary parenting tips required to raise the next-gen kids today. And I am sure I have read a good deal of it (and practiced most of it I believe). But none of the “holy” parenting books gave a precise answer to the haunting question ” how much is too much?”. Pampering, liberty and trust that is. How much of pampering is justified for a four year old? Or how much of liberty or trust can keep a teenager within agreed limits. All my attempts to limit the number of toys for my son are met with same argument “why not if we can afford it”. In a few other households, the basis for overflow of goodies was the parents’ melodramatic deprived childhood where expensive toys and clothes were limited to birthdays and festivals.

Dont get me wrong. I am a doting mother and sometimes indulge crazily in spoiling my kid. But I am worried about the future? Not my child’s though. ( I bet the social scenario would undergo a revolution by then. That is another chapter altogether). I am worried about myself. I am worried about the times when I will have to say no to some of my child’s demands on financial, social or purely pragmatic grounds. How will I tell him that “this” demand is beyond limits? After all, It was me who was not able to decide “how much is too much”?