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Beloved Bollywood

In one of the shows during the first season of “Koffee with Karan”, Karan Johar asked an actress (??) about her favorite actors/actresses. The lady started blurting out names of Hollywood actors. When KJo asked her why she didn’t have any Indian actors in her list of favorites, she blatantly said that though she liked Indian actors, there was nobody worth admiring. Considering that KJo is a patriotic bollywood citizen, I am sure he had to use even his last bit of patience not to throw her out of the studio. I really pity people who still consider Indian Cinema secondary to Hollywood. Well, the technology might need some upgrade, it certainly does not lack talent and entertainment quotient. What if there are only a few Oscars in its kitty, there is no dearth of world class cinema. While I genuinely enjoy the James Bond series and Julia Robert movies, I also cannot change the channel when there is a Madhuri Dixit or Amitabh Bachchan movie airing on it. Along with all other perquisi

Solar Energy-Powering the Future

The effects of global warming due to excessive carbon dioxide being emitted in the ecosystem have become the topic of much deliberation all around the world. It has been clearly understood that the planet may not be able to sustain itself if drastic corrective measures are not adopted immediately. Increased consumption of fossil fuels is a major factor leading to emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Some of the visible effects of emitting hazardous gases in the environment are as follows- • Extreme weather changes and natural calamities owing to global warming. • Threat to coastal areas due to rise in oceanic temperatures and fast melting glaciers. • Many exotic species on the verge of extinction due in increase in average temperature of the planet. • Severe health hazards due to increased levels of pollutants in the atmosphere. While these impacts on man and the planet are worth a serious concern, the use of fossil fuels at an alarming rate is also resulting in depleti

Air Pollution and Children's health

Much is said and discussed about air pollution and its effects on climate of the planet. While there are many activities of mankind that are creating havoc on the climate, air pollution is by far the worst because of its unlimited and long-lasting effect. And the crisis has become life-threatening in the last couple of centuries because of industrialization and increased consumption of fuel world over. The causes may be manmade but the effects are surfacing as acute health complications in all species on earth. Nations all over the world have realized the graveness of the situation and are taking desperate corrective measures and it has been understood that this issue needs synchronization of efforts from all the communities. Some of the most common visible effects of air pollution are listed below:- • Global Warming – Significant increase in the average temperature of earth leading to extreme weather changes on earth. • Acute health problems- Respiratory and skin diseases due to h