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Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high……

Independence Day is just round the corner. For some, it’s just another holiday. Another day to watch movies and party. TV channels will air the same set of “patriotic movies”. Some channels will also have the annual ritual of holding debates and discussion with eminent panelists. And the most favorite topic would be youth. Some sincere citizens find it really amusing to blame the younger generation for anything and everything. Well, this generation may not be exactly what you wanted but face it…do you have a choice. Then there will be another set of young and energetic people who would go on about the sorry state of the nation due to inefficiencies of the older generation. Without realizing that one cannot always have everything served on a platter…not even a perfect country. Well, this could go on forever. However, as a part of the younger generation, this Independence Day does call for some introspection. Ok…so there’s corruption, crime, socio-economic disparity to deal with. But

I dedicate this friendship day to you.............

I don’t need a friendship day to think about you . But I do miss you today. And I miss you on Diwali and Christmas. And I miss every time I travel on the roads on which we had fun while going to school. And when I see mauve lipstick and red dress which made you look so pretty. And when I see your reflection in your daughter. And I miss you when I think about something which only you and I know. And so I miss you today because only you know that you were my first friend, my first “best friend”. I dedicate this friendship day to you my friend…my best friend Susan.

Is your Husband good at cooking? Beware !!!

"Grass always looks greener on the other side" I tell all my friends when they crib about their husbands not being able to make even a cup of tea. Most of them rubbish my claim. But believe me, having a "sanjeev-kapoor" type of husband  is not always fun. And let me tell you why.