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The Promise of Tomorrow

Adieu 2013 And yet another year comes to an end. Till last year, most of the year ends were more or less the same for me. Spending good time with friends, hating to go to office the next day and making resolutions which didn’t last even for a week. This year end however is different. Its making me think about the year gone by. 2013 was a strict teacher telling you not to take things for granted. It was also brought some beautiful gifts and lovely people into my life. 2013 also took me to places I didn’t even know existed and taught me to value dearly what I have. Every day came with a new surprise and it seemed like I was a participant in one of the reality shows on TV.             2013 was a memorable year. It was a spicy treat of memories…some I would like to hold on to forever, some I wish never happened. But that’s life…which goes on. Because there is always a promise. The promise of tomorrow. 2014….I wish you bring more of good memories in everybody’s life and spray prosperi