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Vocabulary of Silence

It was a casual discussion over dinner about a friend who was going through some tough times in his marriage. Our concern was for the two kids who were suffering collaterally. Since the husband and wife were no longer living with each other, the kids were forced to stay with the grandparents as none of them wanted the kids to stay with the other. And I very casually made a remark that its ok with the father but how can the “mother” be so heartless? The response I got from my husband on this left me thinking hard. He very furiously said “that’s not fair. Why do you think he doesn’t care?” He didn’t explain further but I knew what he meant. He was referring to something which most of us tend to ignore conveniently. The vocabulary of silence! Being the more expressive breed, women are very generous about their show of emotions. But that does not come very easily to men. But when you look hard, you can notice the vocabulary of silence which often seems to say “I care”. A

AAP decides to revoke FDI approval in multi-brand retail in Delhi: A step backward

         AAP has certainly brought about some serious turbulence in the Indian political atmosphere recently. Adopting a theoretical approach to practical problems, the party is inviting trouble in spite of having nationalistic intentions (?) at core. While there are many other issues where I believe the nouveau CM’s decisions are derived from the aspiration of short term popularity, the one I find particularly saddening is the decision to revoke FDI approval in multi-brand retail in Delhi which was approved by the preceding  government. This decision, on in-depth scrutiny, proves to be regressive and can be outright detrimental for thecountry and Delhi, in particular.             India has already lost the first mover’s advantage to China which opened its economy to FDI long back in 1992. Since then there has been an increase in employment in retail and allied industries and provided the much needed boost to its socio-economic development. Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore an

Makar Sankranti- Festival of benevolence and gratitude

Another colorful festival from the plethora of wonderful Indian festivals, Makar Sankranti, is a festival of a new beginning and a new life. Also celebrated as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Lohri in Punjab, Bihu in Assam and Uttarayan in Gujarat, it holds phenomenal importance for Hindus. Largely celebrated as the harvest festival, Makar Sankranti is a celebration to welcome the spring and bid goodbye to the cold waves.                                       I reminisce celebrating the festival traditionally with my grandmother.    The small “matkis” which  contained assorted vegetables symbolized the magnanimity of nature. And the delicacies made of till (sesame) and gud (jaggery) were generously shared with loved ones and neighbors. Otherwise avoided as being inauspicious, everybody specially wore black color clothes on Sankranti to ward off evil. I remember playing “gilli danda” and flying kites the whole day. Now that families are scattered in different parts of the world, IT come

3-D Printing- Transforming the manufacturing process

Until a few years back, manufacturing typically featured huge shop floors with people manning gigantic machines spitting out numerous identical parts which were carried to other parts of the factory on conveyer belts for assembling before churning out a final product. Most of these mass production units were located in Western countries or some manufacturing clusters in China and Hong Kong. The global conglomerates situated in the developed countries kept the sophisticated and critical functions such as research and product design in the domestic territories while outsourced the mass production of parts to cheaper countries. However, the advent of digital technology and development of Asian economies is changing the scenario in the manufacturing world.                                                                                                     The advent of  digital technology is completly changed f ace of modern world. The omnipresent technology is touching our live