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Cotton Sarees, wrinkles and unabashed grins

The Official day of Womanhood is here again. There are offers, discounts and deals everywhere and each one is promising a unique experience. Women empowerment is the talk of the day and the ferocious feminism is the favorite flavor. But I think of something else today. In the glaring reality of increasing crime against woman and rampant cries for women safety which make every woman think at least once “Gosh, I wish I was not born a woman”, I like to think of all the good things about womanhood (dire optimist that I am). And you know what I think of today? I think women make the world beautiful. Hadn’t there been women, the place would have been so….”non-beautiful”. And when I say beautiful, I don’t mean the award winning, oh so perfect, always camera ready fair and lovely beautiful women (pardon the sarcasm here). I refer to the beautiful women in simple creased cotton sarees, some of them with wrinkles, some with forced sun tan but all grinning unabashedly in spite of the hardships a