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Do You Have It All?

When PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi candidly confessed in an interview that women can’t have it all, it sure sparked some intense debates. While it was obvious that career oriented women all across the world would second Nooyi’s opinion, it was heartening to see how some men also agreed with her. Millions of working women make difficult choices in personal and professional lives. As Nooyi rightly points out, no matter at what level a woman is in the corporate hierarchy, when it comes to personal life, she is a mother, a wife or a daughter. And whichever position she adorns in her job, she cannot rebate these jobs on the personal front at any time. agreed. It’s an unfair world for working women or for women in general. But then who said it was easier for career oriented men. If you think the society is harsh towards working women, it is also not easy going for men who want to quit their “secured” jobs and follow their dreams. In fact, ask yourself what you would think about a man who