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Book Review- Ramayana- The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams

“The only permanent factor in this world is temporariness. Everything melts away in the course of time. Time is a deceptive magician with a sardonic sense of humor.”                            -        p. 346 Many such profound lines are strewn on the pages of Ramayana-The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams. In this sequel to the first part Ramayana-The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince, Shubha Vilas has once again done the magic of retelling the classic in an absolutely fresh perspective. A serene image of Rama and a helpless king on a chariot drawn by donkeys (instead of horses) on the cover page are perplexing and dramatic. The captivating narration in the 387-odd pages makes the read an absolute delight. The poetic imagery, enlightening footnotes and relating the preaching of the ancient saga to the present are the highlights of Shattered Dreams. Almost everyone knows the basic plot and central characters of the Epic. Shubha Vilas, however, does an amazing job by th