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Book Review - When She Smiled

Title: When She smiled Author: Ritoban Chakrabarti Publisher: Notion Press Genre: Fiction/Romance Language : English Price: Rs. 215 Pages: 212 Mritunjay Roy who has come back to his school in Shimla after spending 2 years in Sainik School falls head over heels for this exceptionally pretty girl, Akanksha. He befriends her and spends as much time with her as possible in school and tuition. Roy is completely smitten by her and Akanksha also seems to like Roy’s company. He writes poetry for her, buys her whatever is possible with his meager pocketmoney and grabs every opportunity to spend time with her. Everything seems to be going fine when Akanksha starts behaving weird and ignores Roy. All of Roy’s efforts go in vain as she doesn’t even seem to notice his presence. Raj, Roy’s loyal companion, puts some sense into him and brings him back from state of desolation and desperation.  Heartbroken Roy is shattered initially but takes control and leads himself to a better an

Laughter of a Murderer- Revisited

A couple of years back there was a “ laughter of a murderer” (Read  that echoed in my ears. It was very upsetting. The burst of debates, arguments, opinions (some of which were outright blasphemous) that followed also echoed on the TV channels for a long time after 16 December 2012. Some were important as they dared to say which was unsaid till now. Some were unwanted. And some were just there to justify the TRPs. But thank God(?) for the short-lived memory that we have….it was all soon forgotten amidst new crimes, new hate stories, new stock of regressive remarks made my our politicians that crawled the newspaper pages and TV channels. And all of a sudden…we have Mukesh Singh being interviewed. Mukesh Singh? Who? Aah…yes. He is one of the six men who raped and brutally murdered an innocent and helpless 23-year old girl in Delhi in a moving bus on a cold night in December 2012. We might not recall the name “M