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Net Neutrality! Your right to free internet.

The term was practically non-existent till a few weeks back for users like us. We have been using internet to freely roam about in the virtual world. Some of use it for business; others are glued to FB and watsapp. But in any case, if you think this state of this internet utopia will remain the same….you should read the rest of this post. Net neutrality, which refers to transparency on the web, is the basic guiding principle of internet. It is responsible for making internet the largest platform of communication and expression. Also known as open inter-working, net neutrality in simplest terms means that users should be able to access all lawful content on the internet equally and without any interference from the service providers. For instance, if you are paying the basic data charge, you should be able to access youtube, facebook or any other website without any extra cost and theoritically should have same speed. Same rule applies to different apps. Net neutrality also refers to