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I told my Son to get out!

Yes…I told my son to get out. And he was happy to comply.  In fact, I tell him to get out every day…for at least an hour. I tell him to run and play and jump around. I hope you know what I am referring too. I am talking about spending time away from TVs, mobiles, laptops and books too. And more importantly spending time away from over-protective family and get a taste of not being the “most pampered person in the house”. Its ok if he bruises his knee, gets a sun tan, breaks a couple of toys, soils his clothes (and hands and face) and fights a little with his friends. I know he is just being a kid and that is what is more important. My son sometimes complains that there is nobody to play with. Some kids go to activity classes, some have tuitions, some are sick and some just like to play indoors. Well, I totally understand. It is a competitive world out there. Kids need to be prepared multi-dimensionally. Life would be very brutal for an average(?) kid. Grades, certificates and