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The Yoga Phenomenon

Yoga is divine. Yoga is fulfilling. Yoga is beyond physical. But it is also elusive and addictive. And don’t go by the looks of it. Even the simplest looking Aasana(postures) can leave you huffing and panting. Yoga not only twists every muscle in your body but it also offers serenity that is almost out of this world. It rejuvenates your body and soul.  

Freshly Baked Love and Laughter

As I stood admiring that freshly baked piece of chocolaty heaven and struggling to keep my hands off it, my phone rang. Hubby dear had called to inform to that he will be late today (also). Normally I would have shown some kind of displeasure about the news but the aroma of that cake had probably numbed my senses and I plainly said “Ok, no problem”. My husband who was expecting some resistance, misread my response and thought that I was upset with him. In an attempt to manage the situation, he asked “so what are you doing”. I told him exactly what I was doing “admiring the chocolate cake”. “What cake?” he asked. With a devilish smile on my face, I replied “the cake which you sent me.” There was silence on the other end of the phone. And then came my husband’s reply in a very grave tone “I didn’t send any cake for you”.

Mommy who does not fit right

I have always been the “odd one out”. Never a #PerfectFit. As a kid, I don’t remember owning any dolls. As a teenager, when my classmates talked about bras and boys, I had my head dug into a book. In college, I was the least glamorous one found mostly in the library or the hostel room. I wanted to wear a salwar-kameez in my wedding ceremony. No, I am not crazy or looking for any attention by doing things differently. And there was a time when I tried frantically to adhere to the expectations. But I just don’t fit into “roles” easily. Not even now.