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Are You Really Happy?

Happiness in life is a sum total of small moments where you have felt absolutely content and happy. As you seek happiness, use those tiny moments and multiply their intensity to experience profound satisfaction.

These words would seem very shallow to many of us who depend on external forces to be happy. But when these words are transformed into action, they take you to a magical seamless world detached from external pleasures. And this is what happened in a session with Yoga Guru Andre Reihl under the aegis of Mrs Dipti Gami of Yog Amrutam, Indore. While aspiring yogis were fortunate enough to understand that our source of happiness lies within us; Guru Andre also demonstrated that it is not very difficult to find that source.

What motivates you to practice Yoga? What do you seek from it? Different people have different answers for these questions. Some of us want a perfect body devoid of all ailments. Others have spiritual goals. Irrespective of what our individual goals are, the underlying desire is to be happy and to rejoice life. But when we ask ourselves, “what makes me happy”, we find that all of us have different reasons to be happy. One may have a comfortable life, a nice job, a great family or a relationship or one may be famous. Yes, that makes us happy. But the problem with these sources is that they will change at some point of time. There will be ups and downs in your relationships or there will be difficult days in your profession. You will realize that this source from which you derive your happiness is not eternal and it might become dry. It does not have enough reserves to make you happy. And you will start looking for other external sources, not realizing that they will also change sooner or later. So how do we break this vicious circle?

The answer lies within us. That ever-lasting fountain of joy and happiness lies within each one of us waiting to be discovered. But how do we find that fountain of joy? To begin with, recall one moment (or moments) when you have felt absolutely content and happy. It could have happened while walking down the street, while talking to a friend, while doing your daily chores or while praying. Find that moment when you felt that you are HAPPY within irrespective of your surroundings. Now relive that moment over and over again. With each breath, find yourself in that moment of happiness and let that feeling take over each and every particle of your physical body. Surrender yourself to that feeling of detachment from external sources and let it sink deep within. This trance is what we call “happiness”. But this time, YOU are emitting this happiness.

While yoga is built around asanas to strengthen our body, it primarily focuses on a wholesome well-being. Yoga takes you closer to your goal of the eventual happiness, albeit one step at a time. So as you practice your daily asanas, do not forget that that to find the ultimate experience which goes beyond your body, you need to look within.


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