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Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani

A stroll I was taking. A thought I was thinking. Suddenly an eye got blinking. And it got me thinking. The boy that passed by me. My mind made a ringing. I have seen him before. A fear rushed from my core. A dress similar to mine that he wore. A walk like me, a perfect score. My mouth felt a little soar. okay. better call this guy, a thought I couldn't ignore.

10 Reasons Why You Should “Go To the Mattresses” (or a Mat) Today

When Clemenza said in in the famous Hollywood movie God Father about “going to the mattresses”, he was actually referring to protracted fight in the very near future. Well, we are not going to any war. Not literally. But we might talk about something which needs to be done on war-footing here. Something which should be done today. We are talking about getting on the Mat (read yoga-mat) and including yoga in your fitness routine. If you have any, that is. And if you don’t have anything that revolves around the word fitness, Yoga is something you should start right away. And let me give you 10 solid reasons to stop procrastinating and start practicing yoga straightaway.

Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 4

Dare to say that again! I will slit you apart. part by part. You say he treated me like a punching bag! When it was you who made me sniff that adhesive plastic bag. It was you who stole those money bags. Of course he punished me. God only knows how much he , afterwards, did lamenting. My evil, of course you wouldn' t understand it, but it's called parenting.

This Too Shall Pass on Inspire99

As somebody who likes to have new perspectives and is always on the lookout for some positive words, is where I visit frequently. Vinay's thoughts and words on this blog are interesting and thought-provoking. Though we do not agree always, it always nice to stimulte the thought-process. "This Too Shall Pass" is my debut appearance on inspire99 as a guest blogger and it explores variuos aspects of this profound statement.

Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 3

Chapter 3 I had heard that ghosts cannot be seen nor can be touched. But look at me, I can be seen and I can touch.An intuition that something's going to be wrong. And then I saw him and his frown. On seeing me he ran and I felt a little pang. What's he going to do this time. He is an evil and can do anything for a dime. I followed him to stop an obvious crime. A dead following a dead. A thread following a line. Where the heck is he going, a question came to my mind.

Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 2

Chapter 2 And he laughed with the faded smile. laughed till he vanished a mile. Laughed till I was left with my body on the aisle.Okay so lemme think of it for a moment. My body had done an atonement, for all the sins that my evil had done in the heat of the moment. I am dead and that's confirmed. But who is this rascal, my doppelgänger? Now that's a concern. A light weight that I feel. Where are my evil thoughts that earlier I had to deal. A desire to do good. To never to harm others and not to be rude.