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11 Years of love and laughter

Marriages may be made in heaved but they are most certainly endeavored, nurtured and celebrated right here. The promise (or promises) made naïvely are tested every day.  That dream of a fairytale marriage gradually transforms into a mundane drag life. Slowly the initial romance of marriage is taken over by the challenges of social and personal responsibilities. And it becomes challenging to keep that flame kindling. But does that make it any less exciting? Does it make the bond any less romantic? Does 11 years of wear and tear fade its glow or does 11 years of aging increase it romantic allure?

11 years is a long time. Yeah…even if you say, how time flies, 11 years does not fly by that fast or that easily. Some days you want to cut all strings and run away. On others, you want to invest yourself lovingly and nurture the relationship. 11 years does some wonderful and some weird things to the circus called marriage. If you are anywhere near this magical number, you will easily relate with these 11 truths about it.        

1) The number of times you say “I love you” to each other depletes dramatically. Not that the feeling has depleted but the need to reinforce it every half an hour has vanished.

2) Even the number of calls made to each other during the day also decreases. Now the calls are made to inform that “I will be late” or “get some milk”.

3) You are more engaged with other messaging groups than you are with your hubby. Messages with your hubby are now more like “I will be late” or “get some milk”. (I know I repeated that. But when the hubby does not answer the call, you send him this message, right?)

4) You don’t wait up if he/she is late. Both of you have your set of keys and will let yourself in, eat the dinner kept on the table and silently slide into the bed.

5) You know your quota of chores in the house. And you have also become aware of the fact, that if you conveniently forget to do yours, no genie will do it for you. Yeah, in the initial years of romance, you seem to have a genie that does everything for you.

Hey, stop there. I know what you are thinking. “What a sad soul stuck in dead marriage”. Let me correct you there. None of it is true. The points above reflect the comfort of this relationship and cutting the unnecessary frills from it. Read on to find out funnier, weirder and romantic stuff about 11 years of marriage.

6) The invitations with Mrs. and Mr. are no longer amusing like they were in the first few years.  You become used to the tags.

7) There is no need to accompany each other everywhere. You know what each one likes and vis a versa. So when you are together for something, you know both of you love it.

8) You know which relatives you dislike from the other’s side of the family and know to avoid the encounter tactfully.

9) You don’t have to tell each other about your mood. It is, by now, easily comprehended and diplomatically responded to. In other words, you know when to just shut up.

10) You can sit in the same room for hours without talking. You don’t need words to connect. The only interruptions would likely be “Do you want coffee”.

11) You also no longer need words to understand the amount of love you feel for each other. You know that when your hubby scans for you in a room full of people and smiles to you. You know that when he/she calls you for no reason and says “nothing, just wanted to talk to you”. A kiss planted lovingly on the forehead when you are asleep compensates for the snobbish dinner for your bday/anniversary. (By the way, I got both).

Marriage is a wonderful association between two people who decide to share their lives with each other. They know it is not going to a smooth ride but they know that the bumps would be bearable when they hold each other’s hand. It feels natural to be with each other like it was always meant to be (clichéd but true). As I foray into many more beautiful moments with the love of my life, I wish everyone out there a happy married life. May your marriage be more beautiful than your dreams. May you happiness be directly proportional to the number of seconds you have shared your life together.

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