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Alive & Awesome @ 34!!

I turn 34 today. Till a few years back I would not have disclosed my age socially. But not today. Because I have realized that age is just a state of mind. I have not featured on Time Cover page, I have not conquered Mount Everest, I have not played a lead role in a block buster movie and I am yet to go on a dream vacation but guess what….I have lived a fulfilling and happy life people in many parts of the world could only hope for. Call me unambitiously complacent but if I have to choose between being content with the simple pleasures of life or chase the constant material desires….I readily choose the former. I don’t have to struggle for basic necessities or mere survival and that makes me humble and thankful towards life. I choose to be grateful for what I have and enjoy what I have earned.

But on a lighter note, tell you what…34 isn’t an easy age. Other than increasing your trips to the parlors (where your beautician subtly tells you that a facelift massage should be included in your sessions now), it also puts you in that bracket where you feel out of place with your college going cousins. You hear yourself earnestly repeating the elderly advices to them which were given to you a decade back. The reality sinks in by now that your kids’ friends will call you aunty no matter how friendly you are with them. By now, you will also respond to “aunty” adjective by the dhobi, the sabzi wala and the maali and give up telling (read threatening) them that “bhabhi” or “didi” is just fine. Those extra kilos around the waist seem to have found a permanent home and power yoga class ads catch your attention instantly. But hey…who’s complaining? Even if I had an option to go back to the fun-filled yesteryears, I am pretty sure I will pass the offer. In spite of the aforementioned “challenges”, 34 gives you a confidence which you never had. Been there, done that feeling becomes very prominent. You also realize that “fun” can have many other dimensions and more settling ones too.

So who cares its 34, 44 or 54. I am alive and I feel awesome;  34 seems just like another number. And the date….a valid excuse to have fun and go crazy. Having a happy birthday indeed !!!!


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