Book Review- Johnny Gone Down

 Author: Karan Bajaj
 Publisher: Harper Collins (April 2010)
 Genre: Fiction, Thriller
 Price : INR 91 (paperback) and INR 99 (ebook)                              

When I finished reading The Seeker by Karan Bajaj, I was in awe of the author. So I picked up Johnny Gone Down. I can’t say I didn’t like the book but it was nowhere near The Seeker in terms of storyline and passion. Still worth a review and a few good words.

So you take one Ivy league scholar all set to start his career with the coveted NASA, add some unbelievable twists and turns to the plot, add some thrill to it along with a pinch of drama….and voila! You have Johnny Gone Down. And when you have all this in one dish, it can be anything but boring. I practically finished this book in 6 hours (spread over two days). It was so gripping that I was thinking about it even while driving and working . For me, that is good enough.

          Nikhil Arya or Nick aka Johnny, our hero here, has everything planned for his life. Already graduated from MIT, he has a job offer from NASA. He plans to have a glorious career and an envious life. Except that life has different plans for him. On an impromptu visit to Cambodia with this close friend Sam, life takes a wrong turn and Nick ends up as a captive of Pol Pot but not before he has heroically helped Sam along with a few others escape the dreaded land. From here starts a roller-coaster ride which takes Nick through life-altering events. Nick has been a Buddhist monk, a drug mafia, online gaming Moghul, a doting husband and an excited father to be and a fatal game survivor. You won’t even need any coffee to stay awake while you read this one.

Some plus points for me were the starting of the novel and easy-to-comprehend language. The ending, however, was very abrupt and a let-down for me. But worth a read over a weekend. And I might now pick “keep off the grass” to finish Karan Bajaj Series.

My Rating: 

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