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Book Review- The Seeker


Can a man walk on water?
Can he see the future?
Can he read minds?

As a passionate book lover, I am always on the lookout for good enlightening reads. I pick up bestsellers, classics, books with good reviews etc. It is seldom that I go on a “blind date” with a new release of an author whom I have not read before. Because disappointment of bad choice in books is hard for me to handle. With “The Seeker”, I had the same “to do or not to do” dilemma. I decided to plunge in….and believe me I am so happy I did.

The Seeker takes you on a journey which makes you look deep within and beyond the horizons at the same time. Max, a New Yorker with an enviable career decides to seek the eternal quest to liberate from the cycle of death and suffering. With just a few pointers derived from blogs and internet about some Gurus in India, Max comes to the mystic land. From the mighty Himalayas to the harsh plains of Southern India, he travels everywhere seeking a mentor to guide him through the unknown journey. As he discovers the powers of yoga and meditation, Max also surrenders to the knowledge hidden within him. Max, a materialist New Yorker, finally transforms into a Yogi through a soulful voyage of physical suffering and intellectual uproar.

 A beautifully written tale of what every individual thinks at some point in life. While some chose to ignore it as a superficial passing thought, some consciously decide to tread on a journey which might or might not even lead to a destination. It happened after a long time that I was almost in a state of trance while reading a book (last time it happened with “The Thousand Splendid Suns”). An absolute must read for the “seekers” out there.

My Rating:- 

About the Author :- Karan Bajaj is a  bestselling novelist and striving Yogi. Born and raised in the Indian Himalayas, he now lives and works in the US. He was selected among India Today’s “35 Under 35 Indians” and nominated for the Crossword Book of the Year, India-plaza Golden Quill and Teacher’s Indian Achievers Awards. (Courtesy – Karan Bajaj’s Blog Http://

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