Dear 2016, You live only once!

Dear 2016….The world is all set to welcome you with open arms. Zealous citizens of the planet are bidding adieu to 2015 and in spite of the hard times it gave us, we loved being around 2015. The year 2015 had a difficult time dealing with some serious issues like terrorism spreading its venomous influence in many parts of the world and catastrophic natural calamities happening somewhere else. It also had to witness gruesome collateral damage of civil wars among and within nations as refugee crisis became a global concern. But 2015 will also be known some significant happenings that changed the World for good.

2015 had been exceptionally challenging and remarkably benevolent for India at the same time. Though there have been claims of rising intolerance within the country, the Nation has surged ahead on the global platform under new political leadership. The World had already started acknowledging India as the rising super power of the decade in the last few years. 2015 reinforced its prowess and placed it in the forefront. Socio-economic indicators are indicating a better future in spite of the present day shortcomings. What lies ahead will be revealed gradually in the future but it seems 2015 put us on the right track. Even as some stray events on the ground tried putting a dent in communal harmony of the country, the scientists in ISRO worked persistently and silently as they eyed Mars and made the Nation proud. 2015 had planned nasty hardships for the “anna-data”, the farmers, in some parts of the country but it was met with benevolence and compassion from fellow countrymen. The year 2015 also intended to test the spirit of Chennai as unprecedented floods engulfed the IT hub. But as it prepared to hand over the baton to you, 2016, it knew that it had hugely underestimated that valiant spirit of the city and that Chennai would bounce back mightier in no time. So no matter how vehemently 2015 threw challenges in our face, we loved it and would always remember it as the year of lessons, losses, accomplishments and rewards.

But now the baton is in your hand 2016. And the bar has been set very high by your predecessor. It has been proven time and again that we are not intimidated by mighty and impossible looking tasks, neither are we pulled down by hindrances and failures. However, we, the citizens of the Planet Earth, fervently wish that our efforts are met with some generous rewards. As we resolve to curb the terrorism in the name of religious fundamentalism and extend humane compassion towards those affected by war, it is your duty to reward positively for these struggles. Please don’t let innocent children bear the brunt of cruelty and please don’t make men and women wary of their neighbors’ religion. 2015 has also made the giant nations of the World realize the need to work in harmony towards a sustainable future. 2016, you have to set the path right for them and take their synergies in the right direction.

2016, you have been assigned an important task of making the World a more beautiful place. With every passing day in the calendar, make sure that you do your best to bring symphony and prosperity to the World. Remember, there will be no other 2016. You live only once.

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