Dont Perform My Last Rites

“If the irrational cannot be excluded, it should be outside the scope of tragedy.”- Aristotle

Life is beautiful. Life in uncertain. One who is born is bound to die. Life and death form a circle of nature. What happens after death remains a mystery but still many people strive religiously to attain a good life after death. Many cultures and learned souls have propagated means and ways to attain “moksha” or a better life after death. While a certain way of life is believed to lead you to “nirvana”, there is also a set of rituals which is performed after the death of an individual to help his soul rest in peace. The actual practices, also known as last rites, may vary but all cultures and civilizations have had some or the other way to help the dead enter a new world.

I respect each of these rituals as I have been told that these practices not only have significant spiritual importance but are also a part of the healing process. However, here comes the controversial part. I will admit that I consider myself incapable to understand the depth of these practices and hence may not be able to appreciate the significance of important rituals and last rites. But as much as I respect the age old traditions, I think it is easier to believe what you actually see. And being an unfortunate witness to many such rituals over the years in family and elsewhere, I have convinced myself that they do everything but ease the pain or facilitate healing. With a noble intention of not offending anybody, I shall refrain from going into the details of why and what made be believe what I believe.

But I as an individual with certain rights, I want to choose what I believe in (until you convince me the other way round). And I choose not to be the subject of these rituals when I die. It is a request to my family, friends and whoever is present around me when I cross the bridge from this beautiful world to the other, not to perform any last rites. Please go back to your routine life as soon as possible. Miss me though. And think about me when you have good times or bad ones. But don’t fall into “formal mourning sessions”. As much insensible and irrational it may sound to even speak about this subject, I have always lived believingly very strongly in whatever I have believed. And would like to leave on the same note.

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