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Future Group & Bharti Retail to Merge Their Retail Business

          The two popular home-grown retailing giants, Future retail and Bharti enterprises have decided to come together for a deal that could re-design the retail industry in the country. Future retail that owns popular brands like Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Home town, e-zone has announced acquisition of Bharti Retail, known for its popular easy-day hypermarket chain. According to the Press Release, the new entities, Future Retail and Future Enterprises, will operate almost 570 stores across 243 cities in the country which is a mighty boost to Future Group’s existing number of 350 retail stores. Future retail, which will handle the retail operations, will get access to 77 new cities where they don’t have a presence as any of the Future Retail outlet. Future Enterprises will be responsible for infrastructure, investments and assets of both the companies

                 Kishore Biyani, who seems to have an amazing insight into Indian customer mindset, has revolutionized the grocery experience for an Indian middle class customer. “As Indians, we like to bumping into people, chat, gossip and eat all while we shop. Shopping is a form of entertainment for us”,says Biyani in It happened in India. The “organized chaos” and the “butt and brush effect” are intentionally created characteristic of the stores.

                 Industry experts are already anticipating the magnitude of scale and reach of this acquisition. This could also induce some optimism in retail industry which has failed to attract any foreign investment in spite of reforms in FDI for multi-brand retail. The consolidation counts on on building scale and benefit from the synergies of common services like sourcing, logistics and infrastructure.

                      We, as customers can look forward to better shopping experience and more products under one roof.  Lower marketing and operational costs could also mean more discounts and offers for us.

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