Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 4

Dare to say that again! I will slit you apart. part by part. You say he treated me like a punching bag! When it was you who made me sniff that adhesive plastic bag. It was you who stole those money bags. Of course he punished me. God only knows how much he , afterwards, did lamenting.
My evil, of course you wouldn' t understand it, but it's called parenting.

All of a sudden, in a blinking he snatched the knife and straight he drived to the door of my pa's hive and he shouted " now see the blood and gore live!"
Ran towards him. No I cannot let him kill him. My old man, good or bad, is everything to me. He punched me but gave me those hard lessons. Taught me to read and write and gave me the best education. My pa, substituted for the absence of my ma. I will kill myself than to kill him with this evil's karma. And so dragged him back again to the ground. Took the knife but whilst injured a wound. Blood trickled down my arm. Blood trickled down his arm. Blood trickled down our arm.
And then I knew what to do to stop him. Still hoping it is a dream. still hoping it is a dream...hoping it is just a dream.

This is the fourth chapter of a poetic story series- Two of a Kind.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Author Bio:- Pranju Chakrapani  is an avid reader, an  amateur writer, a passionate blogger and a researcher. He pours his soul in the beautiful words captured on his blog Musings of an Atheist. 


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