Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 3

Chapter 3

I had heard that ghosts cannot be seen nor can be touched. But look at me, I can be seen and I can touch.An intuition that something's going to be wrong. And then I saw him and his frown. On seeing me he ran and I felt a little pang. What's he going to do this time. He is an evil and can do anything for a dime. I followed him to stop an obvious crime. A dead following a dead. A thread following a line. Where the heck is he going, a question came to my mind.

A familiar road that I see. Although the darkness came suddenly. My old man's house after a mile. And I saw his silhouette and caught a smile.

I ran up to him. dragged him, punched him hoping that it is just a dream.

"I know who you are this time, my evil!"

"thank the devil, that you realised this thrill."

"I have had enough of you, because of you is why I am dead"

"Hey! blaming me? Ask your old man who created me in your head"

"What's my pa gotta do with you ?"

"Forgotten the years of pain, trauma, agony and blood you bleeded and gagged? that old man who treated you like his punching bag? Do a li'l mistake and sooner than late he punched you into a rag. A childhood gone wild. How can he treat you that way when you were a 10 year old child. Time to change the game. Here is the knife to kill him and put him onto a frame. Go ahead and have your revenge. A lighter and a spark! I will make sure he burns in a flame."

This is the third chapter of a poetic story series- Two of a Kind.

Author Bio:- Pranju Chakrapani  is an avid reader, an  amateur writer, a passionate blogger and a researcher. He pours his soul in the beautiful words captured on his blog Musings of an Atheist. 


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