Guest Post - Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani- Part 2

Chapter 2

And he laughed with the faded smile. laughed till he vanished a mile. Laughed till I was left with my body on the aisle.Okay so lemme think of it for a moment. My body had done an atonement, for all the sins that my evil had done in the heat of the moment. I am dead and that's confirmed. But who is this rascal, my doppelgänger? Now that's a concern. A light weight that I feel. Where are my evil thoughts that earlier I had to deal. A desire to do good. To never to harm others and not to be rude.

My doppelgänger,  I will think of him later. I have this body of my own to dump in the crater. My doppelgänger! I will then deal with that filth of an imitator!

This is the second chapter of a poetic story series- Two of a Kind. Read the first chapter here.
Author Bio:- Pranju Chakrapani  is an avid reader, an  amateur writer, a passionate blogger and a researcher. He pours his soul in the beautiful words captured on his blog Musings of an Atheist.


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