I am Sorry! Am I too Polite?

We are living in the era of AIB roast. Now, I don’t have anything against AIB, but presenting it as a form of entertainment is something that I don’t agree with. Hurling profanities, insults, curses and using the F-word in every second sentence is considered cool (?) and modern these days. And I am referring to the set of people who belong to good families and have had a great upbringing; not that road-side under-educated lot who make the former set squirm whenever they come near. They probably use the same vocabulary but in Hindi or any other regional language and hence are not cool or modern.

Now call it a generation gap, but I do not agree that you have to be inconsiderate or use the F-word to make your point. Many of those reading this will agree that we have had a stricter and a more disciplined childhood than our kids. We were raised in an environment where raising our voices above the elders’ voice was considered the most obnoxious form of indiscipline. In fact, I have used a “dirty” word only once in my life and that was when I was so angry that I was sure my brains will blow out of my skull and I will die anyway(Stupid, right! I know).

But the norms are changing. Expletives are being accepted in normal course of conversation and it is considered a sign of being tolerant. Yes, you read that right. You are being tagged intolerant if you get offended when somebody uses an F-word in your presence. I have come across blogs and websites which had statements like “do not bother to respond if you don’t have time”. I agree you want to make your point very clear but this is outright rude.

At the risk of sounding like an “aunty”, I must say that if you can’t sprinkle your sentences with basic courtesy, at least don’t adorn it with unnecessary harsh words. Government does not tax you if you use please, thank you and sorry. Neither do you have any subsidy for being “modern”. I mean, “please leave” sounds so much nicer than “F*** off”. Doesn’t it?

Anyway, India is a democratic country and everybody is entitled to his right to speech. So as the cool generation continues with their colorful vocabulary, I will stick to my conventional style of conversation. Does it sound boring? I am sorry but I can’t help being polite.

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