Monday, 12 August 2013

Is your Husband good at cooking? Beware !!!

"Grass always looks greener on the other side" I tell all my friends when they crib about their husbands not being able to make even a cup of tea. Most of them rubbish my claim. But believe me, having a "sanjeev-kapoor" type of husband  is not always fun. And let me tell you why.

Reason 1: Feel blessed if your husband cannot tell salt from sugar. Because if he did, he would always tell you that the pan cakes would have been fluffier if you would have added one more egg or the chicken masala needed more cumin powder.

Reason 2: Feel totally lucky if your husband does not go shopping with you and does not help with grocery. Because if he did, he might have ignored the color of the curtains you pick but he would surely notice  that you did not pick vanilla essence from the counter. He would have given in to your demand of yet another artifact for the living room but would have convinced you that the kitchen needs yet another knife set or a one more wok/kadhai.

Reason 3: I would be so jealous of you if you get to decide what both of you would be eating at the restaurant. Believe me, it is not at all romantic when your husband calls the chef from the kitchen and asks him to make tandoori chicken sans the red color or convinces YOU that dahi kebabs are YOUR favorite.

Reason 4: Don’t worry if you don’t get pampered with morning tea/coffee. You are also saved being the “testing machine” for every new (and sometimes weird) recipe he invents every Sunday.

And if you still not convinced….this would certainly do the trick.

Reason 5: Every woman loves her kitchen. So don’t complain if your husband does not enter the kitchen. At least you will find the potato peeler and lemon squeezer where they are supposed to be.

             Believe me ladies; if your husband lacks the culinary skill set, it is a blessing in disguise. And if you still feel deprived of the pampering, praise your friend's husband who is good at cooking and he will go at any length to cook anything you want. (And the best part is, he would do it in his kitchen so you don’t have to worry about the potato peeler and lemon squeezer).  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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