Laughter of a Murderer- Revisited

A couple of years back there was a “ laughter of a murderer” (Read  that echoed in my ears. It was very upsetting. The burst of debates, arguments, opinions (some of which were outright blasphemous) that followed also echoed on the TV channels for a long time after 16 December 2012. Some were important as they dared to say which was unsaid till now. Some were unwanted. And some were just there to justify the TRPs. But thank God(?) for the short-lived memory that we have….it was all soon forgotten amidst new crimes, new hate stories, new stock of regressive remarks made my our politicians that crawled the newspaper pages and TV channels.

And all of a sudden…we have Mukesh Singh being interviewed. Mukesh Singh? Who? Aah…yes. He is one of the six men who raped and brutally murdered an innocent and helpless 23-year old girl in Delhi in a moving bus on a cold night in December 2012. We might not recall the name “Mukesh Singh”, but all of us remember that ruthless rape and murder very vividly. It still gives me shivers right through my spine. It will take another couple of sleepless nights before I am able silence the “laughter” of this murderer in my subconscious. And why am I, along with all other people who are boggled by this interview, being subjected to this torture again.

Because Leslee Udwin, a British filmmaker, thought of making a documentary on Nirbhaya Rape incident and wanted to see if Mukesh Singh had any remorse for his actions. I am very sure that Ms Udwin had only the best intentions to highlight the plight of rape victims in India. I totally appreciate her efforts. But if you ask me, if I want to listen to what a culprit of one of the most heinous crimes wants to preach about how an “ideal girl” should behave. The answer is big and bold “NO”. (After all we have our distinguished politicians for that.)

With all due respect to Udween, I don’t want Mukesh Singh to have his 2-mins of fame. I don’t want him to think people want to listen to him or care for what he thinks about women. And I certainly don’t want him to rob me of my peace of mind.

Yes, we know our society hasn’t always been fair to women so far. But we are moving in the right direction. Aren’t we? On Women’s Day, it is our duty and responsibility to applaud the women who fought this battle and refused to surrender. It would be inspiring to watch stories of women who set an example for others.

Mukesh Singh can go and rot in a dark cell for all I care


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