Summer Carnival- Introduction

Summer vacations are just round the corner. For kids, this is the best time of the year. No schools, no studies, no schedule to follow. For the dear mommies however, it a challenge to keep the kids engaged and interested. With the summer sun blazing hot most part of the day, kids are forced to spend maximum time within the confines of the homes. Let’s accept it, as much as we love having the kids around, we are sometimes absolutely clueless about how to keep them engaged, interested and out of the “Mommy, I am bored” pitch. Our creativity quota is exhausted soon enough and we find ourselves struggling to keep the kids busy. Sooner than later, they land up in front of the TV or a computer screen.

Summer Carnival Series is a syndicate that benefits by sharing fun ideas for the season which can help our keep the kids engaged and happy and also learn during the process. Some ideas might involve your kids’ friends while some are just for you and your precious little child. Look for a brand new idea or share your own notions of great time during the long summer days. Drop in every week and check out the bright new thoughts or simply subscribe to kolorpencil and get the awesome stuff delivered right into your mail.

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