Tipi Tipi Top- An Ode to a Colorful Childhood

Tipi Tipi Top- What color you want? I always wanted blue. One of the popular games of yester years was based on colors. The color you chose decided your destiny…or so to say. Childhood, undoubtedly, is the most colorful time of one’s life. Oblivious of the bigger evils and misfortunes of the world, we thought losing a game was the worst that can happen to anybody. The world revolved around best friends (who sometimes changed every two years). Failing an exam did not mean the end of the world and summer vacations were more sought after than wi-fi signals. Even at the risk of sounding clichéd and overtly nostalgic, I have to say- those were indeed the most colorful days.

Blue has always been my favorite. Though I also loved green in school as I was in green house and you develop a certain level of patriotism towards your house in school. However, I hate the shade of green used in hospitals. There, they should use bright blue or orange. Even pink could boost some spirits in otherwise sullen hospitals. Somehow, personally, I never liked pink a lot and I have had a strong repulsion towards the color red. I have never ever had anything in red color. I find brown very delicious and attractive, may be because of it’s the color of chocolate. As a kid, I loved writing letters and my letters were always colorful. Unfortunately, my creativity quotient is somewhere around zero, so I could not use colors in paintings and drawings but I have had proud collections of colorful pens and pencils which I used to write letters…actual letters, really long ones, on colorful letter pads to family and friends.

Colors not only make the world around you beautiful, they color your thoughts too. And right now, all this talking (and writing) about colors is making my thoughts go crazy…..and some very weird imaginations are popping up.

  • Can roses have the color green?
  • What if we had colorful school uniform with floral patterns instead of those drag plain boring ones.
  • How about floral patterns on formal shirts and blazers for men too?
  • Does milk come in blue color?
  • How would a rainbow look in shades of black?
  • Would you drink a purple colored tea/coffee?
  • If the roads had colorful patterns, would it distract the drivers? It certainly would make those morning walks exciting.

I should stop here. But you don’t have to stop. Color your imagination and throw out some brilliant colorful ideas. Tipi Tipi Top- What color you want?

Cheers to #Blogchatter for giving this Colorful Prompt of the Week #Color.

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