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Vocabulary of Silence

It was a casual discussion over dinner about a friend who was going through some tough times in his marriage. Our concern was for the two kids who were suffering collaterally. Since the husband and wife were no longer living with each other, the kids were forced to stay with the grandparents as none of them wanted the kids to stay with the other. And I very casually made a remark that its ok with the father but how can the “mother” be so heartless? The response I got from my husband on this left me thinking hard. He very furiously said “that’s not fair. Why do you think he doesn’t care?” He didn’t explain further but I knew what he meant. He was referring to something which most of us tend to ignore conveniently. The vocabulary of silence!

Being the more expressive breed, women are very generous about their show of emotions. But that does not come very easily to men. But when you look hard, you can notice the vocabulary of silence which often seems to say “I care”. At this point, I am reminded of an ad which very beautifully portrayed this subtle vocabulary very beautifully. 

Video Courtesy: ICICI Prudential

So next time when you are about to say “you don’t care”….just stop and think. Think about those moments of silent compassion. When he tastes everything before feeding it to your kid to check that the food is not very spicy or hot. When he tucks the already tucked-in blanket around the baby before sleeping. When he gives detailed instructions when you travel alone. When he gives a disapproving stare to your daughter about that dress that ends just above her knee. When he peeks into his mom’s room to see if she needs anything.

And many many more instances which I am sure will bring a smile to your face and some warmth in your heart.

Wishing a very Happy Fathers' day to all Fathers and Father Figures around us!!

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