Biting the Bullet- Blogchatter #HALFMARATHON - Day 1

Blogging, or for that matter, writing had always been a part of my life. But let me confess something today. And I am sure I speak for most of the amateur bloggers out there, I don’t spend as much time with my blog as I wish I did. Not that I don’t want to. But there is always a clash of priorities. Jobs, family, social engagements, health issues and what not! Despite the fact I am always stealing some time from all other chores to make time for what I really like to do- to read and write; I am not sure I am spending enough time with my pen (or sometimes laptop).

So when Blogchatter #HalfMarathon popped up on my screen, I paused there. 15 days of non-stop blogging. To do or not to do? More importantly, can do or cannot do? Now again, I have not been a fan of writing marathons in the past. For me, writing is a result of thought process that has been stimulated by things happening around me. It is sometimes an outlet to that anger or frustration brewing within. Or an over-whelming emotional turmoil. Sometimes it is because of pure love or appreciation that I wish to express. I strongly believe that the reason to write should come from within. It should be exhilarating and liberating. And hence, what I write is very close to me. When writing for a marathon, I was not sure if I will be doing justice to my writing.  Frankly, I am still not sure. But then, how would I know if I don’t try it. Hence, the signup for #HalfMarathon.

Another aspect that I look forward in the #HalfMarathon is the work of other participants. Diving deeper into blogging, learning something, laughing over a hilarious post, enjoying some new stories and so much more. The synergy of team work is contagious. It has the ability to make herculean tasks possible and doable for individuals. And the collective effort is always better than the solo individual efforts.

So as I decide to bite the bullet and take up my first ever blogging marathon, I take up a responsibility to spend some more time writing and blogging. I also resolve to finally pen down all those thoughts brewing in my mind. And finally convert those ideas on my sticky notes into blog posts.

Glad to be Participating in #HalfMarathon Blogging Challenge with #Blogchatter .

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