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Candid Confessions About Coffee Cravings

This ones for all the coffee lovers out there

So how do you like your coffee (or tea)? I know everybody has very typical preferences for their preferred beverage. And I am talking only about the passionate ones here. Not the ones who can drink any tea/coffee no matter how poorly it is made. I refuse beverages (especially coffee) most of the times not because I don’t want it but only because I can’t drink a tasteless cup of coffee no matter how hard the craving is. Even the lovely husband who wants to make me a cup of coffee in the mornings has realized this and now he dutifully brings every ingredient separately and leaves it to me to make my kind of coffee, just as I like it. Am I sounding too critical to you? Sorry, when it comes to coffee (or even tea), no compromise. I like my coffee strong and mildly sweet. Not too hot though. But am I the only one who is being over-demanding here. If you think I am, read on to see how weird it can get when it comes to tea/coffee.

  • Scalding hot tea- Many people like their cup of tea hot. Really HOT. Such people could, in fact, wish to get the tea poured in theirs mouths directly from the pot on the stove (as told by one such Tea lover)
  • Ginger/masala tea- Personally, I think ginger kills the flavor of tea. But I know people are very fond of it. Comes very close to Tadka-tea. Isn’t it?
  • Some also prefer different variants of tea- lemon tea, black tea , gud wali chai (tea with jaggery)
  • Camel milk tea- I had it in Rajasthan and totally loved it.
  • Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove accompany coffee in some cups. (Not in my cup though)
  • Some people are way too obsessed with filter coffee and I can totally see why. But instant coffee is our savior most of the time.
  • Butter in your coffee- Yup, you read that right. Booze is ok, but butter. But some of us like it.
  • And a coffee with coconut milk. Seen that only once but yes, people do that.

   All for the love of coffee and tea. So how do you like yours? Go on, tell me. 

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