Celebrating Failure! Yes, you read that right!

I had signed up for #halfmarathon- a 15day blogging marathon challenge by a blogging community, Blogchatter. As expected I started with much enthusiasm and fervently rolled out a few posts. In spite of the crazy hectic schedules and travel routines, I was making sure that I write down something daily. I used all those pending ideas and thoughts and turned them into blogposts. Sharing them one post a day. However, there were days when the schedules over-powered and I missed posting even a single article. When I missed one post initially, I was upset over it. But then I realized that I have been achieving the objective I had in mind while signing up for this blogging marathon.

Blogging marathons like all the other marathons survive on the synergy of the community. This community encourages every individual to do better than his/her best. In spite of this knowledge, I have not been a part of any blogging challenge so far. Never thought I could do justice to this synergy. But I have developed a genuine liking for this wonderful community of bloggers called The Blogchatter. I have been interacting with some lovely people through this blogging community. So when they announced a blogging marathon, I thought of biting the bullet.  Though I could not participate as I had planned, I certainly made genuine efforts and tried to keep going. I pushed myself a little bit more and squeezed my schedule slightly more to accommodate some time for writing. And I finally did some of those things from my “to do “list. I also came across some lovely blogs during this marathon. Some of them made me smile, some of them resonated my opinions while some more stimulated my thought process and gave me more food for thought. All in all, it was a great experience. And though a failed to keep up to the challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. So much so that I feel like celebrating this failure too!

Day # 15 of #HalfMarathon Blogging challenge by Blogchatter


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