Do you recognize the Guru in your life?

Guru Purnima celebrates the eternal wisdom of Gurus and their willingness to share this wisdom with their protégés.  The ancient festival is also marked as a day to pay sincere respects to your respective mentors. Somehow, the importance of this festival is slowly getting diluted due to multiple reasons. We no longer have Gurus in our lives. And as education industry becomes more and more commercialized, even the respect for teachers (in schools and colleges) has somehow alleviated.  But it is important to have a Guru in your life. So what does a Guru do for us.

1) Guru is sail of your boat- The boat will aimlessly bounce around in the open sea without a sail. Similarly, without a Guru, our life is also pretty directionless. He sets us onto the right direction and makes sure that we keep going.
2) Guru is our lifeboat- We need something to hold on to when we are drowning. And Guru is that lifeboat. He will not let us drown and make sure that we reach the shore safely. He will also make sure that we set out for our next journey as soon as we are ready.
3) Guru is your lighthouse- When we are lost in the wide open sea, we need a lighthouse to guide us. Guru plays that role too. No matter how dark the sea is, there will be a lighthouse showing us the direction.
4) Guru makes us humble- Arrogance is derived from the imprudent notion that we know everything. But when you know that there is somebody who knows more than us, who is better than us in so many ways, it makes us humble. His humility also encourages us to be modest and considerate.
5) Guru is the eternal fountain of knowledge- We can turn to him whenever in doubt. He is that eternal fountain of knowledge that will never dry. And we know where to go to for that quest of knowledge.

The tradition of having a Guru goes a long way in shaping our culture. Imagine a clueless directionless society and you will realize how important it is to have a mentor in our life. And now comes the interesting part. A Guru can be anybody who inspires us, guides us and keeps us grounded. He can be a teacher, a friend, a parent or a person in whom we place our faith. If he or she is the one you turn to when you feel lost, he might be a Guru for you. And interestingly, sometimes he won’t even call himself a Guru. That’s yet another characteristic of a mentor. He stands beside us silently making sure we don’t falter.

On this GuruPurnima, I urge you to recognize the Guru in your life and acknowledge his or her efforts in adding positive value to your life. Let him know that you are aware and thankful for his presence. And as you do this, embark on an endeavor to develop yourself so that one day someone can look up to you as a Guru.

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