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On Saturday, July 23, 2016, the auditorium of Prestige Institute of Management, Indore was packed with enthusiastic youngsters to get their dose of inspiration from 6 people who found and followed their passion. And as these 7 speakers took turns to share their tales of endurance, the auditorium was overflowing with enthusiasm and inspiration. At the end of the talkshow, everyone was determined to find their passion and work relentlessly towards turning that into something that could improve the world in some way.

About JoshMeets

JoshMeets is a compact version of Josh Talks that happens every year in Delhi. Started in the year 2014 by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul, Josh Talks is a unique platform which brings changemakers from varied fields such as entrepreneurship, social activism, business, performing arts etc. in active conversations with audience. The mission of Josh Talks is plain and simple - use the power of stories of dynamic individuals and inspire the youth to discover their latent potential and pursue it.

JoshMeets , an informal gathering, happens in Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh & Lucknow throughout the year to encourage active engagement from the youth in these cities. Since its inception in 2014, both JoshTalks and JoshMeets have garnered appreciation for their efforts to bridge the gap amongst influencers and youth and give a platform to appreciate the efforts of social changemakers. Once such JoshMeets happened in Indore on July 23, 2016.

Speakers @ JoshMeets Indore

Tushar Bhartare- Who would have thought that a village that struggled for basic amenities like uninterrupted electricity could become a free Wi-fi zone without any government funding. But this was made possible by Tushar Bhartare and three of his friends Shakeel Anjum, Bhanu Yadav, and Abhishek Barthare who decided that decided to bring Wi-fi connectivity to rural India without incurring huge costs. Infact, it took a meager Rs 2.5 lakhs to make Bawdikheda Jagir Village Council of Rajgarh District in Madhya Pradesh the first free wi-fi zone in rural India. They plan to use the concept in many other parts of the country and participate actively in the Digital India campaign.

The 4-some team proved that it takes only a lot of passion and courage to bring about a change that seems almost impossible. “Think of an idea, dream it, live it, do it” is the philosophy Tushar lives by.

Connect with him on twitter @WifiIndia1
Debartha Banerjee- A twenty-storey high pile of garbage and the plight of garbage pickers led Debartha Banerjee along with Jayanth Nataraju and Ritvik Rao to think out of the box and build a system that processed the waste and turned it into a useful energy resource. And this gave birth to Sampurna(e)arth which focuses on effective waste management. The idea aims at making waste management not only sustainable but also profitable. They work with municipal corporations, corporates and residential complexes to manage their own waste efficiently. Sampurna(e)arth involves waste pickers in the project and had redefined their lives too.

Debartha highlights that the India has a deep-rooted notion of “out of sight is out of mind” and “not in my backyard” due to which the 1.5  million metric tonnes of waste generated daily goes untreated and leads to multiple environmental, social and infrastructural problems.

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Gaurav Jaiswal- Yet another passionate young man who realized that his degree in engineering education should be put to better use than just earning a fat pay check. So he founded Agrini, which aims at redefining basic education in rural areas. And he believes that education and awareness are tools to better economic and social status. His concept has 3 dimensions: Shiksha (Education), Swarozgar (Livelihood) and Swaraj (Governance). And he generously uses technology in this concept.

The angriest of the lot, Gaurav Jaiswal, had decided to use his anger for something productive and he asserted and it is good to get angry as long as it fuels your passion. “So next time when you are angry, see how you can channelize the anger and bring about a positive change in the society”, said Gaurav.

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Balasaheb Darade- A US return post graduate engineer who has left his plush life to enter the tough world of politics is not somebody you find very often. Balasaheb had always been academically brilliant and has big names like Cognizant and NASA to flaunt on this portfolio. But he soon realized that educated minds like him are needed more in politics of development in India. And hence, he contested independently against big names and won by whooping margin.

“We need developmental politics instead of the political politics that we have now”, he said during JoshMeets. He asserted that Indian politics lacks fresh and young contributors. He believes that politician should restrict themselves to policy making and leave the execution to ground force. He urged the youth to enter politics and make active contribution towards nation building instead of criticizing passively.

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Vidhi Jain- Factory schooling is producing urban zombies who run after materialism without realizing that their passion is gradually dying. We need to break free from the conventional school system and let the kids pursue their dreams. When Vidhi Jain said this on stage, there were mixed feelings amongst the audience. Some weren’t very optimistic about the idea of shunning age-old schooling style, while others were excited that unschooling can be an option. With Shihsantar and Swaraj University, Vidhi Jain is trying to build a unconventional learning eco-systems that aim to develop a reliable framework of lifelong societal learning.

Pratik Agrawal- Pratik Agrawal along with his partner, Raj Desai created something nobody could have imagined but always dreamed of. A waste bin that gives you access to free Wi-fi. The idea tackles two problem in one go- the omnipresent litter and lack of network. The duo created a waste bin that gives you a password to a free wi-fi when you dump trash in it. The concept was pilot tested during NH7 Weekender, music festival that attracts a lot of people and hence leads to a lot of garbage lying around. By the end of the festival, more than 10000 people had used the wi-fi generating garbage bin and more than 200 GB of data was consumed.

Pratik visualizes a country which has seamless access to the newest technology. He likes to solve little problems and welcome the change that comes with it.

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Vinay Singhal- is the World’s second largest viral content company. It started in 2014 and is already having close to 250 million page views per month. Founded by Vinay Singhal along with Parveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav, has put Indore on the World map.
When Vinay Singhal rose to speak, everybody expected to know how he hit gold with But what the audience wasn’t expecting was the long list of failures that he had encountered during his quest. Every time when success seemed to be just round the corner, something would happen that what bring them to square one. But finally the efforts and perseverance paid off, and started making news. He emphasized the importance of team work and determination. Not letting your dreams die because of a few failures, said Vinay Singhal.

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