Picture Pefect! Is it really?

She was drowning. She doesn’t remember how she got into the water. All that she remembers is playing with the kids near the lake. She knew her husband was taking a walk somewhere close by but couldn’t see him. The bright sun felt a little too hot after some time. But the kids didn’t want to go home. Oscar, their adorable pet, was also happy playing with them. It was so close to being a picture perfect day.

And then she found herself in water. Grasping for breath. She could swim pretty well but right now it didn’t seem to work. She felt she was being pulled down by the darkness of that water deep down. She wanted to reach the surface and feel the sun which scorched her few minutes back. But the surface of the water seemed impenetrable. She could see her kids standing on the shore and shouting frantically but were they able to see her? She was sure her husband must have heard the commotion but she still could not see him there. She felt words of distress and chaos coming out her mouth but they were lost in strong ripples of water. Am I going to die today, she thought. Would she be able to see her kids tomorrow? There were so many things she wanted to tell her husband. Will she be able to do that.  She was desperate. She wanted to shout. She decided she would put all her might to one last struggle. But to no avail. She was about to surrender when she heard a voice coming from somewhere very close. Radhika! Radhika! It was her husband’s voice. But where was he? RADHIKA! And she opened her eyes. There he was. “Are you okay Radhika? You were shivering. Was it a bad dream?”

Aah…that was it. A bad dream. She sighed. Her husband was right there beside her. She heard the kids playing downstairs. And Oscar’s playful barking too. So it was indeed a picture perfect day…….but that dream seemed so real.

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