Rio Olympics 2016 - Some interesting facts

Olympics Games 2016 are all set to begin on 5th August 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. During this most coveted sports festival, new world records will be made and new accomplishments will be acknowledged. But as you cheer for your country and share the world’s enthusiasm for Olympics, pause and read these interesting facts about Rio Olympics 2016.
  • Olympic Games 2016 will take place from 5th to 21st August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time that the Games are being hosted by a South American country.

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  •   While the opening and closing ceremony will take place in the Maracana Stadium, the sporting events are to take place in four different zones - Copacabana, Barra, Deodoro and Maracanã.
  •     More than 10500 athletes from 206 countries will participate in 42 different types of sports.

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  • Vinicius is the official sports mascot of Rio Olympics 2016. His name is derived from renowned Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes. He is supposed to be super-active because he is a mixture of various Brazilian animals.
  • Viva sua paixão (Live your passion) is the official slogan of Rio Olympics 2016. 
  • More than 7.5 million tickets have been sold for this 17 day sports carnival with a price range of $40 to as high as $3000 for the opening ceremony. 
  • More than 85000 security personnel – including army and police are to be deployed for the Games. The number is twice as that of London Olympics 2012 security.

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  • The Olympics Village at Barra Olympic park will be a home to more than 17000 athletes in approx. 3600 apartments across 31 buildings during the Games.
  • Opening ceremony of Rio Olympics is to be held on August 5, 2016 at 8 PM Brazil time (04.30 AM IST on August 6, 2016) and is expected to be attended by more than 75,000 people.

  • The athletes will finally take a plunge into the arena from August 6, 2016 and fight for coveted titles across 306 competition.

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