Uncharted Roads- Heart and Horizon #FridayFotoFiction

#FridayFotoFictionWeek 3-PhotoPromt

“The Best Travel-Show Host Award goes to Madhav Sahani”. Loud applause followed the announcement. “Madhav has travelled to 102 countries across five continents.” She continued amidst the cheering. Madhav humbly accepted the award. This wasn’t his first. Travelling was his only passion. Horizon was his destination and he dreamed of going beyond it. The continuous stream of awards proved that he had arrived. But the chaos within him said otherwise. He came home. Flicked the TV on. Dialled an international number. 4000 km away in India, she picked up the phone. “Maa, did you eat”, he asked. “No, I was waiting for your call.”

Tina Basu

This fiction is written for #FridayFotoFiction-week 3 hosted by  @twinklingtina & @Mayuri6.


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