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Demand and Supply Equilibrium in Parenting

Law of demand and supply is one of the most basic principles in economics. An ideal state of market equilibrium is reached when the supply in the market exactly matches the demand of the market. However, this equilibrium in market is difficult to achieve and sustain due to a lot of related elements that govern demands and supplies. In fact, it is strongly suggested that for an economy to grow, it is important that demand is always slightly higher than the supply. Interestingly, this theory of economics is also applicable to parenting.  Click to Read more......on

Down the Memory Lane- That’s Where We Belong

Writing this for #BlogChatter Prompt #DownTheMemoryLane  Down the memory lane is a great place to be in. Mainly because you know the outcome. There is no fear of uncertainty. And you can always exit if you don’t like what you see. Well, almost always.

#I Love My Blog And It Loves Me Back

I take on the baton of #BlogLove from Vikram “I don’t care if you are busy. I didn’t ask you to get involved with me. It was your decision. So don’t blame me if I demand time now.” My Blog said to me a few days back.