Down the Memory Lane- That’s Where We Belong

Writing this for #BlogChatter Prompt #DownTheMemoryLane 

Down the memory lane is a great place to be in. Mainly because you know the outcome. There is no fear of uncertainty. And you can always exit if you don’t like what you see. Well, almost always.

Memory lanes are of various types. There are brightly lit memory lanes which infuse optimism and happiness within you when you visit. It’s nice to be there. You get to meet some long lost friends. And it’s where all the worlds come together. People who have passed on to other world often come to memory lane and if you are look closely, you might find one of them there.

Memory lanes, however, are not always happy and bright. Some of them are dark and scary. And God forbid if you find yourself in that really scary one which is a labyrinth of sad memories. It becomes extremely difficult to find a way out of that entangled maze and even if you do, it seems to follow you back to the real present world. No matter how hard you try, it will pull you back to the dark dungeons. Don’t go down that memory lane, ever.

But once in a while, the walk down the lane that has some valuable advice for you. It could be a by-lane from the happy memory lane or an escape-route from the dark ones. But it will always leave you with some important lesson for life. There will be graffiti on walls of some lanes which tell you to move-on and free yourself from the past. There will be some gratifying ones such as “this too shall pass” and some inspiring ones such as “let go and move ahead”. It is always great to walk down this memory lane for you never know what valuable life lesson you might find here.

Everybody has their memory lanes and nobody knows the address to these lanes except you. If you think deeply, even you are not aware of what will lead you to a memory lane. A child eating ice-cream takes you to memory lane of childhood and a friend in a hospital takes you to that dark web of memories. Memory lanes are inevitable. You will end up there no matter what. But what you make of that walk down there is up to you. Stay there and you will never see the sunshine. Come out of it wiser and build better memory lanes. The choice is yours. 

Tell me what your memory lane looks like! Go on...


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