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#I Love My Blog And It Loves Me Back

I take on the baton of #BlogLove from Vikram

“I don’t care if you are busy. I didn’t ask you to get involved with me. It was your decision. So don’t blame me if I demand time now.” My Blog said to me a few days back.
“I have other responsibilities too. You, of all the people, should understand this.” I also gave it a piece of my mind. 

Blog rebuked back, “You had responsibilities even when you decided to have me in your life. You knew what you were getting into. You still have a choice. We can end it here if it makes your life a little comfortable.”

The sudden blow brought me back to my senses. “No wait, I don’t want it to end. I know I was distracted. But I want to be with you. Forever.”

Yes, it speaks to me. The Blog-Kolorpencil. It speaks to me. It isn’t always so rude. In fact, it’s very loving and welcoming most of the times. It’s just when I forget to give it time that it comes back to me whining and complaining. But I don’t mind. I know it loves me a lot and will always be there for me.

I got involved with kolorpencil about 4 years back. There were a few flings before KP but nothing serious. But when I found kolorpencil, it changed my life forever. (Don’t mind the cheesy filmy lingo here, it’s the valentine bug). I became very attached to it. And the fact that it was always there, made me fall in love with it. Happy, sad, excited or plain bored, I went to KP and said my heart out in words. It would patiently take in everything and would never judge me. We even had same interests. Both of us liked books. I could be honest with it about which one I liked or which one shouldn’t have been written at all. My struggle with being a mom was also not unknown to KP. When I shared the challenges I was facing, it went out to get help. It brought back some wonderful advice in the form of comments. KP knew that there is no solution to many relationship issues, but it did not stop me from writing about it. It wanted to help in any way it could. Like a faithful lover and a trusted friend, kolorpencil brought me back from the dark alleys of sickness and failure. And there was never a hint of jealousy, in spite of the fact that it was not always my first priority.

Is it weird to address a blog as a living person? May be it is. But #ILoveMyBlog and it has given me everything that love should. I think about it as a person who holds my hand through thick and thin. This Valentine’s Day, I openly declare that #ILoveMyBlog and that nothing could come between us.

And now that I am completely smitten by the Valentine Bug, let me go get some heart shaped balloons and chocolates and put on some mushy Bollywood numbers.

Happy to be associated with #BlogLove Prompt of Blogchatter

I pass on the baton of #BlogLove to Pooja Tripathi


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