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7 Solutions That Have Helped Me Keep My Baby Away From Diaper-Related Skin Problems

Diaper rashes are a nightmare – both for mommies and babies. Babies till the age of 2 years are particularly prone to diaper rashes and can succumb to it in spite of utmost preventive care. Nothing upsets a mother more than a wailing baby. Being a working mother, I had to rely on domestic help to take care of my baby. I had taken special care to teach her about hygiene and diaper routine. Since I stay in a region that is known for extreme weather conditions, it was critical that there is absolutely no negligence. Not knowing what to do can render a new mother completely helpless – and I was no exception to this situation. This is what I did to overcome the nightmare. Continue reading......on World of Moms. This is a sponsored post.

Women In Books I wish were real- Guest post on Novemberschild

Women are wonderful creatures. Enigmatic and alluring. When they become an artist's muse, the charisma is multiplied manifold. Women, as characters in books, have been fantasized, admired and even envied. Some of them have come out of the bounds of books and become almost real. I bring to you 5 such women who are creation of an author's imagination but they seem to narrate their story in a voice of their own. Romilaa from, a veteran blogger and a voracious reader, hosts this post on her wonderful blog. Read more about Women in Books I Wish Were Real on her blog.

The Hopeless Bibliophile

Hopelss Bibliphile…that’s me. Totally incurable, almost on the verge of addiction. In spite of having faced a lot of ridicule, ire and downright disregard, I don’t seem to learn a lesson. I have given up on myself. I LOVE BOOKS. Period. From chacha choudhary comics to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven. From Byomkesh Bakshi to Sherlock Holmes. From Jim Korbett to Kenneth Anderson. From Rabridranath Tagore’s Gora to Shivaji Savant’s Jaanata Raja. Arthur Hailey, Sidney Sheldon, Munshi Premchand , Karan Bajaj, Nadia Hashimi, Ravi Subramanium, Khaled Hosseini….and the list goes on. Written in Hindi, English, Marathi. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. And hence, my maiden AtoZ Blogging challenge has to be around books.

Search engines: The world at your fingertips

by Romilaa aka Novemberschild Search engines are software that assemble lists of documents, generally those on World Wide Web and the contents of those documents. Search engines respond to the user entry or query by immediately searching the World Wide Web to the users query and display a list of documents called websites when on the World Wide Web. With the click of a key one is instantly able to gain access to information on almost any topic under the sun. Google, Yahoo, MSN have been first of the search engines.

The 7:00 PM date

#FridayFotoFiction Prompt

10 Ancient Destinations That Take You Back in Time

by Rohit Agarwal India is country of variety of traditions and rich cultural heritage. There are many modern as well as historical structures here. Each and every historical structure tells about the rich past of the country. Many methods and techniques used to create these ancient structure remains mysterious and impressive. These structures attract travelers from around the world and leave them awe stuck with their beauty and perfectly carved designs. Check out these 10 awesome ancient destinations in India & fall in love with the country all over again and make your trip a memorable one.

The Sanskaari Feminist

Some of the weirdest myths about feminism I have come across are: · Feminists hate men. · They are wannabe men. · They think they are better than men. · Feminists should not work in the kitchen. · Wear un-feminine clothes and shun make-up if you are a feminist · Feminism means having sex outside of a marriage or a relationship. · Hate everything traditional if you think you are a feminist. And the biggest of all: We don’t need feminism. I have been a feminist all my life….even when I was too young to spell out the word. There have been phases where I wanted to abandon the theory and surrender. But I guess being a feminist isn’t a choice. It is an attitude.

Alien Encounter #ColgateMagicalStories

#ColgateMagicalStories is an interesting way to engage your kids this summer. Colgate Toothpaste pack can have characters from any one of these space adventure sets  - Alien Planet, Space Launch and Space Walk which could be cut out to play and learn. A fun way to stimulate the creativity of those little minds……you can’t imagine what comes out.

Life Beyond Grades- For

Our kids are growing up in a highly stressful times. Academic pressure is omnipresent. Grades have become the axis on which their lives rotate. And this pressure is damaging the young minds in more than one ways. And sometimes the damage is irreversible. So before we forget that there is a life which is not governed by grades, lets take charge and make repairs before it too late. And look for the life beyond grades.... Click to read more.. ....on It is always nice to be a part of a community that stimulates your thought process and gives you a chance to learn and evolve., which is one of the largest growing parenting community of India is one such place.