The Hopeless Bibliophile

Hopelss Bibliphile…that’s me. Totally incurable, almost on the verge of addiction. In spite of having faced a lot of ridicule, ire and downright disregard, I don’t seem to learn a lesson. I have given up on myself. I LOVE BOOKS. Period. From chacha choudhary comics to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven. From Byomkesh Bakshi to Sherlock Holmes. From Jim Korbett to Kenneth Anderson. From Rabridranath Tagore’s Gora to Shivaji Savant’s Jaanata Raja. Arthur Hailey, Sidney Sheldon, Munshi Premchand , Karan Bajaj, Nadia Hashimi, Ravi Subramanium, Khaled Hosseini….and the list goes on. Written in Hindi, English, Marathi. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. And hence, my maiden AtoZ Blogging challenge has to be around books.

26 days of blogging- 26 different books or authors. It is difficult to choose 26 titles from the ocean of literature. But it is important to give back the love I have received from reading. I chose 26 books/authors I have loved most. I also look at it as my way to encouraging people to read more and spread love of books.

On a lighter note, being a bibliophile is not easy (neither is it a choice). The side effects are tremendous and sometimes land you up in funny situations. You would understand if you share a similar love for books.
  • If you see somebody reading a book (on airport, stations, trains anywhere), there is a strong desire to go the title and see if you have read it(or can read it).
  • Everyone around you will receive a book (or bookmarks, bookends) as a gift followed by a summary about the book irrespective of the fact that they might not use it ever.
  • Anybody manhandling a book will receive a generous dose of advice (read rebuke).
  • You might delay meals, avoid phone calls, skip daily routines like bathing to finish that chapter.
  • You often bring up fictional characters in real-life conversations and refer to them as if they were real. And then go on to narrate the whole plot to completely clueless audience.
  • Authors are your favourite people. You would even prefer them over a Bollywood celebrity or a cricketer.
All for the love of books. So for this AtoZ challenge, this hopeless bibliophile is celebrating books. 26 days of pure book love.

Wishing all fellow bloggers participating in the challenge a hearty BEST LUCK!! And an extra helping of ALL THE BEST for debutantes like me.


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