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03:02 by Mainak Dhar

Day 15 of #AtoZChallenge

Can you imagine a life without the basic comforts of life like electricity, mobile phones or laptops, cars, bikes, television and even water? Can you think of growing your own food and fetch your own water to survive? What if your status and bank balances do not provide you any privilege? Are you prepared to fight with forces that threaten your existence? If you can’t imagine yourself in any of such situations, it’s time for you to read 03:02.

This power-packed thriller by Mainak Dhar gives you a glimpse of life you could never imagine now. Based on the background of terrorist attacks, this work of fiction seems precariously close to reality in the wake of recent global events.

Aditya chases the quintessential urban dream of fancy corporate titles and ever-increasing bank balances. But his life, along with that of millions of other across the country, comes to a standstill at 03:02 AM on a Sunday. There is no electricity, the vehicles have stopped moving, all modes of communication are rendered useless and the currency has lost its value. A routine power outage soon leads to events and situations that pose existential crisis for the citizens of many countries. Critical times like this force people to look within themselves for profound courage.

The socio-economic setting and the characters in the plot seem very real. Similarly, the author’s imagination about terrors also does not look very far-fetched. We are living in dangerous times and 03:02 is a glimpse of what the world may come to if this greedy battle in the name of religion, power and politics does not settle soon.

03:02 is one of the best thrillers I read in the last couple of years. Authored by Mainak Dhar, it is just one of the many bestsellers by the author. Intelligent, fast-paced, intriguing and intense, 03:02 is a fiction which forces you to stretch your imagination beyond fathomable boundaries.

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