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7 Best Places in Kerala Famous for Hydel Tourism

By Rohit Agrawal

Hydel tourism is a new concept in the tourism industry with an initiative to conserve environment. This is a project undertaken by the initiative of Kerala state electricity board. Various small and big hydel projects are associated with such tourism in the state of tourism. Today, many people are interested to visit such sites that has hydel power projects. Tourists will be able to have a view of the panoramic landscapes of such area. Let us find out some of the places in Kerala that is famous for hydel tourism.

1. Kakkayam Reservoir

Photo by Dhruvaraj S, CC BY 2.0

Kakkayam is one of the most beautiful sites with hydel tourism in Kerala. You can enjoy the Ambalappara waterfalls near this reservoir. Tourists can enjoy many water sports in this tourist destination of Kerala. It is a wonderful contribution by Kerala state electricity board (KSEB). You can explore the natural beauty within the lush greenery and wild falls inside the forest area. If you are lucky, you will be able to see a group of bison grazing and herd of elephant moving within the forest area.

2. Idukki Reservoir

Photo by RameshngCC BY-SA 3.0

The Idukki dam located in Kerala is also one of the contributions of Kerala state electricity board (KSEB) and is now famous for hydel tourism. The beautiful place is located right between the two mountains named as Kurathimala and Kuravanmala. There is a history behind this tourist destination. Local people says that these two mountains were once a tribal couple with the names Kuravan and Kurathi. They converted into stone due to the curse of Lord Rama. Tourist can enjoy the nature and also take the pleasure of a ride on a boat cruise.

3. Sengulam Dam

This is one among the newly developed dams at Munnar and also a project for hydel tourism in the state. Very few people were aware of this site. But slowly it is becoming really popular. The main attraction in Munnar is the boating center which is developed around this dam. Since few people are aware of this tourist spot, the crowd is less. It's ideal for you if you dislike crowd. The center for boating will give you many options. You can choose among large boats if you have come with a large group. For a small young group, peddle boat or speed boat will be fine. It is a picturesque spot with wonderful view of water and greeneries.

4. Anayirangal Dam

Photo by sabareesh kkanan, CC BY-SA 3.0

Anayirangal dam is popularly known as the power house of waterfalls. You can reach to this place from Munnar through private bus or car. This particular hydel tourist spot is enriched with scenic beauty due to the existence of western ghat ranges. You have to travel around 7 km right from Chinnakanal to reach the Anayirangal dam. You will be sspellboundto have a view of the tea plants around this dam. It will look exactly like a green carpet. The dam is also surrounded by the evergreen forest.

5. Kochu Pampa

Photo by Jpaudit, CC BY-SA 3.0

This is the most popular hydel tourism sites in entire Kerala with an objective of saving the natural environment from being killed. Government has strictly prohibited throwing plastic bags and poly packs in the area. You can also have a mesmerizing view of beautiful landscapes in this area. The flora and fauna present in this region welcome the tourists stepping in this hydel tourism spot. 

6. Eco Point

Photo by Aruna, CC BY-SA 3.0

You should not miss this particular tourist spot in Kerela. This is just around 13 km away from the town of Munnar. The place is extremely popular with all age groups for the multitude of activities it offers such as trekking, nature walk, picnic spot.

7. Sun Moon Valley Mattupetty

This is a beautiful hill station in Kerala where hydel tourism is at its peak. Only 13 km away from Munnar, the climate here in Mattupetty is very favorable. The air is fresh and rich with subtle scents of the fauna of the surroundings.The dam was constructed in the year 1940 with a motive to conserve water. Another objective water power generation. But today it is known as a beautiful tourist spot with many water sports.

Author Bio:  Rohit Agrawal is an architect by profession and a travel blogger at He loves to travel and explore beautiful place and share his experience about them through his blogs.


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