8 Things I Do to Keep My Child Safe Outside the House

World is beautiful. There is so much around us to admire. But the World outside is also a scary place. There are dangers all around us. It was extremely difficult for me to decide whether to protect my child from the worldly perils to let him be free to enjoy the beautiful world in his own way. It was a tough decision.
There was a risk of bringing him up in a protected, almost vacuum like, environment which obviously couldn’t have sustained for long and he would have ended up discovering world through other means (internet, friends etc). On the other hand, there was a risk of exposing him to menaces impending everywhere you go. And while you wish you could be with your kid all the time, that is not going to happen after a certain age. Finally, I chose latter over the other but not without precautions. I, with inputs from friends and family, developed a set of safety tips which decreased his vulnerability and slowly embedded them in his behaviour. These tips were easy enough for him to understand yet effective enough to serve their purpose.

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