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Devdutt Pattnaik - Retelling Mythology

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Mythology is a tricky subject. It often hinders with your notion of modernism. As Indians, we are culturally wired to accept mythology as an important part of our lives. But when infused with scientific reasoning, there is a strong repulsion to the thought process that has been conditioned otherwise. And then begins the enormous confusion.

In a country which boasts of rich mythological and cultural history, it is close to impossible to completely shun its influence in our daily lives. However, an inquisitive mind always seeks reasons and justifications to be able to believe. Unfortunately, most of the sources that provide the answers do that in an authoritative single dimensional pattern with no scope for questioning or thinking otherwise. Thankfully, there are people like Devdutt Pattnaik who make the process of discovering and learning a little less cumbersome and instil a belief that mythology and modernism can coexist peacefully in one’s mind.

With almost 30 books to his credit, Devdutt Pattnaik does not need a lot of introduction. He has been acclaimed for bridging the gap between mythology and common man, especially the generation which is not inclined towards reading the scriptures in original format. His illustrations and orations are enlightening and insightful. I personally like his writings for simplified language that still conveys the profound meaning of the original text.

It would be unfair to not mention Shubha Vilas while speaking on contemporary mythological writings. A motivational speaker and spiritual lifestyle coach, Vilas transforms the ancient texts and offers valuable lessons from them which can be inculcated in our day to day lives. His retelling of Ramayana in The Game of Life series is one of the best storified versions of this ancient classic.

If you are a fan on mythology genre, Devdutt Pattnaik and Shubha Vilas are the ones you should follow diligently.

Books by Devdutt Pattnaik on Mythology (Source:

1. Shiva – An Introduction (1997)
2. Vishnu – An Introduction (1999)
3. Devi – An Introduction (2000)
4. The Goddess in India (2000)
5. Hanuman – An Introduction (2001)
6. Man Who Was A Woman (2002)
7. Lakshmi – An Introduction (2003)
8. Indian Mythology (2003)
9. Shiva to Shankara (2006)
10. Myth = Mithya (a handbook of Hindu Mythology) (2006)
11. The Book of Ram (2009)
12. 7 Secrets of Hindu Calendar Art (2009)
13. Jaya (illustrated retelling of Mahabharata) (2010)
14. 99 Thoughts on Ganesha (2011)
15. 7 Secrets of Vishnu (2011)
16. 7 Secrets of Shiva (2011)
17. Business Sutra (2013)
18. Sita (illustrated retelling of Ramayana) (2013)
19. 7 Secrets of the Goddess (2014)
20. Shikhandi and other tales they don’t tell us (2014)
21. My Gita (2015)
22. The Girl Who Chose (2016)
23. Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik (2016)
24. Olympus: An Indian Retelling of Greek Mythology (2016)

Books by Shubha Vilas 

1. Ramayana: The Game of Life- Rise of the Sun Prince

2. Ramayana: The Game of Life- Shattered Dreams (Click to read review)

3. Ramayana: The Game of Life- Stolen Hope (Click to read review)

4. The Chronicles of Hanuman

5. Open-Eyed Meditations

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