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Day 14 of #AtoZChallenge

This thing called internet is amazing. And the way marketers use it to subtly influence customers’ buying preferences is phenomenal. Although sometimes it’s just creepy when google ads pop up an advert on the basis of your last google search, it does serve the purpose of cleverly navigating the customer to his or her next purchase.

A couple of years back when I was browsing Amazon for books by Khaled Hosseini, it gave me a few options “based on my browsing history”. And that is how I was introduced to Nadia Hashimi’s books. I am an ardent fan of Hashimi and Amazon since then.

Nadia Hashimi is an American author with an Afghan lineage. A paediatrician by profession, Nadia fulfilled her dream of writing when she published her first novel The Pearl that Broke its Shell in 2014. The book was instantly accepted by the readers. This bestseller was soon followed by more literary artworks by the author viz. When the moon is low, A house without windows and One half from the east.

Hashimi’s books can be characterised by stories inspired from the Afghani culture. Characters, places, rituals and folklores are handpicked up from the rich land of Afghanistan and woven into intensely passionate sagas of struggle and eternal hope. Her stories bring out the culturally rich side of Afghanistan which is now over-shadowed by the gruesome battle of power and politics. 

Nadia Nashimi adds a new another dimension to passionate tales from Afghanistan. I was a Nadia Hashimi fan since the day I picked up her first book and you would often find me strongly recommending her books to all the willing bibliophiles.

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