The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Kite flying, a humble sport, is nothing short of a festival in Afghanistan. Irrespective of age and social status, it was a favourite pastime in pre-war years. Kite runners had an important role in this activity as they were bestowed upon the responsibility of collecting kites which go astray after being detached from the strings. Kite runners and kite flyers work as a team. Kite runners are supposed to be fast and proficient at acquiring as many kites as possible. Amir and Hassan is one such team, Hassan being the loyal kite runner.

The Kite Runner has been acclaimed worldwide for its story, language, its portrayal of war-struck Afghanistan and its hapless people. It has also been criticized openly for blaming USA to have forced war on the country. However, the praises outnumber the criticism by leaps and bounds.

It is the story of Amir and Hassan who are divided by social status but united by a strong bond of friendship. The friendship has a motto of “for you a thousand times over”. An unfortunate revelation about the past, however, leads to betrayal and a lifetime of grief. 

The story courses beautifully between the ups and downs of emotions in a war-struck country and finally takes you to redemption at the end. It leaves you with warmth in your heart and a book by your side that will instantly become one of the best books you have ever read.

Khaled Hosseini is one of the best authors I have read and I place this book in top 5 in the list of all-time favourites.

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