Yugandhar by Shivaji Sawant

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Yugandhar is yet another masterpiece by the author of Mrintunjay, Shivaji Sawant. Based on the life of Krishna, it has a very different perspective than conventional books that praise Krishna unconditionally.
One can learn a lot from Krishna’s teachings. He is known to have answers to all those predicaments and confusions of in human life. We are taught to accept him as a mentor to guide us through ups and downs of life. But to consider Krishna as human, capable for faltering, is incomprehensible. 

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Shivaji Sawant’s depiction of Krishna as a human, who knew only to love his fellow beings, is unique. Krishna, in his different roles at various junctures of life, validates each of his preachings by practice. His acceptance of people along with their shortcomings proves his generosity and respect towards humankind. He also emphasizes at every stage, that cruelty and violence should be met with equal punishment. One has to be truthful towards his karma to be able to rightfully reap the fruits. 

Yugandhar treats Krishna as one of us, yet with immense respect and devotion that this magical deity deserves. There is also a subtle emphasis that truth and humanity lead to Godliness. Shivaji Sawant effortlessly relays the perfect sentiment through his words. In Mrintunjay, Sawant takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but in Yugandhar, the reader is absorbed deep into the writing and often emerges transformed. 

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